The world is facing a global mental health crisis. CAMH is building a future where no one is left behind. Join us.

Mental health has always lagged behind other areas of medical research and care.

Lack of understanding, lack of advocacy, and lack of investment have fostered a culture of stigma, silence and shame. For the past quarter-century, CAMH has been a leader and beacon of hope for the growing mental health movement. Because here we stand together. We bring one another strength. We search for answers that don’t yet exist. And with the support of our community, we’re building a future where no one is left behind.

But we’re not there yet. There is more work to do and more people to help. As demand for mental health care surges, we are rising to meet the challenges of today and find the answers that will fuel progress for tomorrow.

With an ambitious $500-million goal, the No One Left Behind campaign is the final phase of a decades-long effort to change mental health care forever.

It’s about completing a vision that began 25 years ago to transform mental health care.


Since its establishment in 1998, CAMH has been on an epic journey of redevelopment, powered by philanthropy.


Creation of three new residential buildings to help prepare patients for life after CAMH and an outpatient clinic to promote ongoing recovery.


Completion of three new care buildings to support patients across the lifespan, from youth to seniors.


Opening of two new care buildings, which include 600,000 square feet of space and 235 inpatient beds, to improve patient care and outcomes.


Inspiring our community to help us build the CAMH Research & Discovery Centre and a future where no one is left behind.

Tour CAMH’s redeveloped campus—including two new state-of-the-art clinical care buildings—see the groundbreaking work already taking place, thanks to donor support.

Learn more about how the Research & Discovery Centre will accelerate this progress and CAMH’s efforts to change mental health care forever.

Tour the CAMH Research & Discovery Centre with this immersive virtual reality experience and see first-hand what a future where no one is left behind looks like today.

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It’s about accelerating discoveries that improve outcomes and inspire hope.

CAMH is Canada’s top mental health hospital and a global leader in mental health research. People living with mental illness find help and hope because of CAMH breakthroughs.

CAMH researchers are building a future where every person gets the right treatment, every time.

Learn more about personalizing mental health care

Dr. Jeff Meyer is building a future where postpartum blues could be prevented with a supplement.

Learn more about preventing postpartum blues

Dr. Aislynn Torfason is building a future where mental health treatment includes culturally appropriate care for all.

Learn more about achieving health equity

Dr. Etienne Sibille is building a future where treatments will revere memory loss in people living with dementia.

Learn more about reversing memory loss

Dr. Fang Liu is building a future where a peptide can not only treat but also prevent PTSD.

Learn more about preventing PTSD.

Every breakthrough has the power to change mental health care forever. The Research & Discovery Centre will move us closer to a future where no one is left behind by:

Creating 385,000 square feet of collaborative space where researchers, scientists, clinicians, patients and families come together to drive mental health forward.

Uniting 2/3 of CAMH’s more than 1,400 research staff in one location and potentially increasing the number of CAMH researchers, scientists, staff, students and trainees by 43%.

Enhancing CAMH’s ability to engage more patients and families into research in safe, dignified spaces, enriching the quality and outcomes of our work.

Integrating CAMH research, education and care, where new discoveries and innovations can be more seamlessly and rapidly evaluated and implemented into care pathways.

Attracting the world’s best scientific minds and the next generation of mental health leaders to CAMH to advance discovery into new treatments.

Equipping CAMH experts with cutting-edge infrastructure and the latest tools and technologies to better diagnose, treat and prevent mental illness.

Learn more about how the Research & Discovery Centre will supercharge collaboration from CAMH scientist Dr. Sean Hill.

It’s about changing mental health care forever.

The Research & Discovery Centre will enable new breakthroughs that improve care in the following priority areas:

Brain Science

Unlocking the mysteries of the brain and discovering the causes and cures of mental illness.

Child and Youth Mental Health

Diagnosing and treating mental illness sooner to give every young person the chance to thrive.

Late-Life Mental Health

Stopping dementia before it starts and helping people age with dignity and hope.

Health Equity

Eliminating disparities and breaking down stigma to create a world where mental health is health for everyone.

Precision Medicine

Personalizing mental health care so everybody gets the right treatment at the right time.

It’s about building a future where no one is left behind.

“I had tried everything and I had nothing left to live for, so I gave it a shot. I was so scared when I went, I was crying in the waiting room. Then someone came over to comfort me⁠—another patient⁠—and it created such a bond.”

Read Faith’s Story

“I get to be in the room with scientists and researchers and tell them about my experiences. As a young person. As someone with lived experience of mental illness. As a Black woman.”

Read Augustina’s story

“I get to come back to CAMH and give back to the people who have helped me. If I wasn’t in that program, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s all come full circle.”

Read Tyler’s story

“I have the mentality that, if you think I can’t do something, I’m going to prove you wrong. I’ve known since the beginning that I was going to make a name for myself.”

Read Erica’s Story

“As my life situation got worse, my mental health got worse and I became more suicidal. I kept getting kicked out of places because of my mental health issues, and everyone said my problems were beyond their scope. CAMH was the only place that would take me.”

Read Jess’s Story

Join Us

You have the power to change mental health care forever. With your support, CAMH will build the CAMH Research & Discovery Centre and a future where no one is left behind.

To learn more about how you can support the No One Left Behind campaign, please contact:

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